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GIRLS do you think it's confident if a guy tells a girl she's attractive?

like if a guy first met you and said you were pretty or cute, would you find it attractive or a turn off?

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    I would DEFINITELY find it attractive. Confidence and fearlessness is such a turn-on. I love it when guys are straight-forward with me. Plus, it's a compliment, which every normal girl adores.

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    what girl would turn down an complement. most of us don't like the way we look and when u complement us we feel better about our self. it terns me on when guys say things like that it dosent really matter weather your hot.

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    uh not if there a jerk how has tons of girlfriends and thinks he is the popular kind ugh and if your really cocky its obnoxious but if you usaully more reserved its cute.... well it depends how you normally act and i would have been turned on

  • 1 decade ago

    if he told me right away i wouldnt like it but if we kinda got to know each other for a week or so then itll be fine

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  • 1 decade ago

    i would like it, if the guy was cute :) haha

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