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What should i use for filter media?

i got my pond pump up and running ect, what should i use as a filter media? my friend just put some really fine cloth on the end of the pump hose, his pond been crystal clear for 8 years, should i try this? (he just uses an ordinary yellow duster cloth, folden in 2)

im on a tight budget, just bought a new fish tank, new pond, new filtration media, about £300 worth of fish.

the pump i use does NOT run on electricity, i use gravity/pressure.

i will replace the cloth ever week? i have a pack of 500 dusting cloths. i got them for free from my old work experience when i was really young. from a hotel. lol. (iv only used about 4 of them.)

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    you could try the cloth but you dont need to replace every week just it take off and wash it. if that doesnt work i have seen people use sand and other stuff to clean their ponds. go on google and search good filter media

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