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A poem about depression?

I wrote this a couple months ago, but I haven't shared it until just now.

Do you feel it just like me

Nearly every day?

You don’t know if happiness

Will ever come your way.

Everyone around you

Seems better off than you.

If you hold this any longer

You might become unglued.

You’re giving people what they want

But they aren’t giving back.

If they’re gonna keep this up

You’re going to attack.

They seem to never understand

What’s making you this way.

So they just act like nothing’s wrong

And let your skies turn gray.

You tell yourself up late at night

That you’re not good enough.

You never thought just getting up

Would ever get so rough.

You want someone to talk to

About this ugly mess.

But you’re afraid they’ll call you weak

Or say that you’re a pest.

So you’ve continued day to day

Walking in the rain.

Putting on that stupid mask

So you can hide the pain.

But you’re fed up with all of this

You need a helping hand.

But no one seems to care

So it’s time to take a stand.

When it comes to how you feel

It’s you that’s in control.

So eliminate your grief

Before it can take its toll.

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    Awesome! writing i find to be a good way to relieve stress. keep up the good work. Hope you get happier

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    That is Absolutely brilliant! I loved it.

    I hope your grey sky's turn blue my dear

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is the best poem ever! I even copied the whole thing. I will be saving it in my email or more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • That's an amzing poem, I love it.

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