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How do you feel about doing someone else's homework?

Before the Internet, I had to actually read The Scarlet Letter and Hamlet. Or at least buy Cliff's Notes. Now I see dum**ss kids too lazy to google. I've started a campaign of misinformation. Wanna join?


I agree with Whatever but Rabbit's a little more proactive. I'm not talking about you Juliana(sp). Like Whatever and Rabbit say, if someone reads the assignment but doesn't get it, I'll go out of my way to explain. That's what you do. I've had to watch movies about Shakespeare's plays to understand the book, but to ask someone to post the balcony scene with my opinions but can't spell Juliet, just learn a trade.

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    That is a great idea!

    Sometimes I enjoy answering math, science, or economics questions, just to stay in practice. But I'm shocked when someone posts five or six long math problems, asking us to "show our work."

    How on earth can a person expect to have a decent future when he or she refuses to learn?

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    I don't do other people's homework. I do help with it on occasion.

    I read and understood Hamlet and The Scarlet Letter at a very early age. I have also spent my life in a trade and I'm proud to have done so. I would never join a campaign begun by an arrogant snob with a misguided and generalized sense of what matters in life.

    If the question doesn't seem to me to merit an answer I skip it. As far as I can tell that's the only valid way to deal with it. In my opinion it is entirely childish to expend energy trying to do something to the detriment of another in order to puff up one's own ego. Personally, I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Cliff's Notes, gosh, I'm glad you have something to be proud of ...

    @ The Pirate Alien ~ Thank you so much!

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    I finished my homework during art class lol. I had nothing to do you should hold it off untill tomorrow morning and just get up early. that's what I usually do and it works fine

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    I really don't understand your idea with the campaign thing, but I hate doing other people's homework. I actually detest it. I work for my grades and I deserve them. When I ask a question for math, I actually try it and the things that I am a little confused on, I will ask. I never ask a person to do the whole problem. I like to earn my grades.

    Hope this helps :)

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    I consider that there should be more basic public resource such as tutorial videos and fundamentum text.One learner may leave out the key detail or be impeded by the gap between two epistemic points. Doing someone else's homework is unable to resolve their problems through, and is sometimes necessary. We'd best inform him or her the possible and most efficiency way.

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    I hate it when they don't even bother to at least say what they think they're supposed to do. They just post the questions word by word, as if we had to do it for them, as if it was our obligation! I like to answer questions that are more of kids who didn't understand concepts or ideas, or want opinions about different interpretations, but expecting us to do their homework for them is just rude and annoying.

    Edit: I didn't actually answer the last question; I think misinforming isn't the solution, there's always smartasses who will correct you. Instead we should star those answers and not bother to reply :)

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    For this entire year, I have done my little sisters English homework for her, because she is too lazy and stupid to do it herself.

    The results came out, and she came first in the year in English. It comforts me to know I can beat a bunch of 14/15 year old's.

    That's the only case I'll do someones homework for them. As for the incessant homework questions on Yahoo, then I am more than willing to join your campaign.

    I'll do bake sales as promotion. I absolutely fail at baking though :p

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    I have to agree with Reader, who gave a very respectable answer once again.

    When people post those questions trying to get other people to do their homework, they are only hurting themselves. When we answer them with completely wrong and spiteful answers on purpose, we end up hurting them and ourselves as well, since we look more like an *** then they did originally.

    I admit to being harsh with some of them from time to time, some of those questions really do annoy me. I make the mistake of answering rudely, but I would never give out false information as some weird joke.

    Now, after reading Reader's answer about how childish people act regarding those type of questions, I feel ashamed myself by being rude at times.

    Best Answer = Reader

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    I don't like doing peoples' homework for them because I'm doing the work and they're goofing off and not learning anything.

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