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help me with my type of depression?

i miss my ex girl friend like a died relative i always think of her and cry wen im alone...its been 2 years ...she calls me maybe once a month but tells me about the other guys in her life... i try so hard to get passed this ....wenever im alone at home is wen i reminice...plus i woke up this morning from a dream and she was in it like old timess...please help ,this is eatn me up inside....

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    It seems that you do not have a serious depressive state and most likely just talking about your feeling to wither your friends and family or a counslor would probably do wonders for you. It is hard to move on when you do not want to let go. There might be some feeling of really having enjoyed your past with her and want to experience those feelinga again and so it is very obvious why you might miss her. What I can reccommend is get active and stay active. Do not let yourself get to the point until you are ready where you are alone, and just sitting or laying doen. Go to the movies, the concert of your chice, hang at the It, right? Have those things changed that would make you want to get back together? As long as you are focused on her and not you, you will be avoiding being with someone else or even meeting someone else. You may not belive that you can have feelings for someone else and you will be amazed and very happy when it does happen. It seems that you are a very caring person and that you are very loyal and I am sure there is someone out there who will love you the same way as you love. I am not an expert on any of this but know of a website that might help you a bunch. Its called www.FeelBetterNetwork.com and it features experts, coaches and a very caring community. I really think you should check it out. Do what makes YOU happy and proud of yourself. Understand healing takes time, and although time makes it easier it does not make it completely disappear. I hope some of this advice has helped you.

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    It would be better if you didn't talk to her. Its like rubbing salt into a wound and is stopping you from grieving and getting on with your life.

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    you need to see a doctor, pronto. its killing you and i think you may have a clinical depression so consult with a doctor to diagnose you.

    don't put it off any longer, i had it but i waited too long to tell anyone so it made me a lot worse than i needed to be.

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