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why does baseball have 180 games?


sorry, i didnt know how many games were in an actual season, but 162 seems a bit ridiculous.. why so high?

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    regular season is 162 games.

    I also feel like baseball is a sport where one game doesn't define the success or failure of a team or any of it's players. It's almost like probability: the bigger the sample size, the more reliable the results.

    Not like winning a baseball game is usually up to chance.

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    As long as the owners are making profits from each game, why not? It's not a laboring game to play like hockey or football. I think 162 regular season games is perfect. The players have multi million dollar contracts, they better earn them some how. :)

  • 162 games buddy

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    Why does the NBA have 82? Why does the NFL have just 16 and yet a BYE week? It's the schedule they decided on as an organization. The owners and commissioner vote on this stuff. It's that way because they made it that way.

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    isn't it 162 games in a season???

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    i thought they had 179. 162 in the regular season, 5 in the first round of the playoffs and 7 during the 2nd round and the world series. but idk why they have so many games

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    Because it makes the sport unique from all of the other sports. I love the fact that there are so many games!

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