Why are floor mats hardly ever in a new car when you purchase it?

the window sticker states floor-mats are included, yet we have had to fight for them with the last 2 auto purchases we have made! What are your thoughts?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The dealers are doing everything they can to squeeze a little more profit out of a vehicle sale. You have the right to complain (demand) that you get the floor mats if they are on the sticker of a new car. If you are buying a used car, they may show you the original sticker, but that does not necessarily mean they are included. Read whatever they give you. If you don't get mats on a new car when they are listed on the sticker, complain to the dealer, then the factory, then the State Attorney General's Office.

    If you have a vehicle that needs car floor mats, my favorite website is Mats4Less.com. They offer a wide range of mats for all types cars and at all price ranges.

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    Man, I went through the same thing with a car I purchased in 07...I didn't think of it as I drove off, but when I got it home I noticed no mats...so I called them up and asked where the mats were and the dealer said I would have to order them. I told them it was on the sticker, mats are included, but they said I had to come in and show them on the sticker!! Cause, you know, I was lying about floor mats!!

    So I drove in and pointed it out to them and then had to wait 3-4 weeks for the floor mats. In that time, I got a nice little wear spot where my heel was for the gas pedal...nice.

    I am going through another similar deal with the antenna on my new lancer. They forgot to screw in the mast..so now I've been waiting almost a month...yay.

    My guess is that it's just bad Quality Control...whoever is responsible for "setting up" the cars after they get off the boat is slacking and the dealer doesn't want to have to order the parts from Mitsu....

  • 1 decade ago

    If the sticker says they're included, then they're included.

    Buy from a different dealer next time. Or, walk out and tell them you don't want to buy from a dishonest dealer. Also, call the manufacturer and file a complaint.

    However, now that you've already bought the car, you can ding them by giving them a poor evaluation when the manufacturer asks you to fill out the buyer survey card.

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