ok i am Rh- my mother says this guy is my father he is B+. what blood typ does both have to be for me to be RH?

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  • Robyn
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    1 decade ago
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    He can still be carrying a recessive negative gene and still be B+. Is that your question? He could be your father even if he's B+ and you're negative. That said, your mother would also have to be carrying a recessive negative gene (or two negatives...is she negative?) in order for him to be your father. Your mom must have at least one negative and so must your father.

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    I am also Rh-. My husband is Rh+. I have a child who is Rh- and a child who is Rh+. From what my doctor has told me, if both parents are Rh+, the child will be Rh+. If one parent is Rh-, then there is a 50/50 chance that the child will be Rh-. In my case, since my husband is Rh+ and we have an Rh- child, it means that my husband must carry both, but the positive (Rh+) is dominant. I know this is confusing, but hope this helps!

  • Ethel
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    1 decade ago

    His genotype is BB+-, BB--, BO+- or BO-- if he's your father, you already know his blood type (B+ which is his phenotype, he has a positive Rh factor).

    All that means is you could have any blood type and be his child, but it really depends on your mother's blood type of course.

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    whats your mothers blood type? your probably the same as her. my mum and dad had 3 of us, and her blood is A- and my dad is O+. heres what are blood groups are

    me- A+

    brother - O+

    sister A-

    so as you can see we all have different blood. my brother is the same as my dad and my sister is the same as my mum while my blood type is half an half

    Source(s): 27 weeks n 5 days preg wiv lil girl EDD 12/12
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