How can I e-mail multiple pictures from my pictures?

I have like 50 picture I want to e-mail a friend. I tried attaching the whole folder but it won't let me and I don't want to add each one individually so does anyone have any advice? thanks

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    You must have Outlook Express for this to work. All pictures are automatically re sized for email.

    To email one picture or 200 pictures or any thing in between. If it is one picture left click on the picture one time. It will turn blue, on the left side of the page you see a list of options select (email this file)

    If it several pictures you want to email at once click start then My Pictures, on the left side click (Make a new folder) and name it. Either drag and drop or copy and paste all the pictures you want to send into the new folder.

    Then left click the folder one time, it will turn blue. On the left side of the page click (email this folders files) a email page will open, insert the address amd click send. All pictures are automatically resized for email.

    Good luck

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    -Click the Attach button.

    -Open the folder with all the pictures.

    -Select one of the pictures and then press Ctrl + A on the keyboard to select all the pictures in that folder and then click Attach.

    -If you don't want all the pictures, hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard and click the files you want individually...then click Attach.

    Hopefully this made sense and this will definently save you time! Clicking Attach for each picture would take FOREVER!!! Good luck!

  • Right-click the folder and hit Send to-->Compressed folder.

    It'll make another folder (in the same place) that has a zipper on it.

    Send the zippered folder.

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    you can either put them directly into your email depending on what email provider you use


    you can click on one picture icon press shift and then the last picture

    this will highlight all of them and then it will attach all at once.

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