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What should i do or say?

Kay , so i like this kid Tony he is in 9th grade i'm in 7th , he likes me too , well he use to i don't know if he still does , i told him how i felt about him he said he understands but i really don't think he does understand...We went out once( For like a day or 2 ) but i lied to him and i know that was a mistake =/ but how can i tell him i really really like him , it feels like we belong together and this feels like my FIRST love . :( I just need him to understand how i feel , what should i say to him , and in person or Aim ? Please , help &+ Tell me if i should walk away when im done talking or stay to see what he has to say , i just need help &+ ALOT of it .!

Please &+ Thank you<3

&+ Don't say YOUR TOO YOUNG , cause i know i am , and i understand that , that is the CORRECT answer but i need what i asked answered just not that . please and thankyou<3

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    u cant do anymore...just wait him, give him time...sure hes gonna choose u ;-)

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