Question about my projector bulb?

I have a Sanyo PLV ZV projector. I just replaced the bulb in it but the power light and replace lamp light will blink then after about 10 seconds it shuts back down. It won't show any picture and any light at all. It just shuts down after I turn it on. Anybody know what's going on with it? Thanks in advance.

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    Usually if you have this problem after you replace a bulb its due to a bad light engine. The engine is like a socket in a lamp, only much more expensive, usually between $800-1200. I realize many people dont even buy the actual unit for this cost, but honestly, thats what repair shops ask for them.

    Other times you can tell this is the problem if after you replace the bulb, the unit works for a few seconds, then automatically shuts right off.

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  • soules
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    4 years ago

    One subject is defining whilst a bulb has failed. If it blows out, that is of course an end of life. even in spite of the undeniable fact that, maximum bulbs do no longer blow out in the previous they replace into unusable. They dim over the years, and faster or later they replace into too dim to be passable. the subject is to agree on what that element is. i think the two/3 determine is in accordance with this dimming ingredient. some projector bulbs do no longer pass out thoroughly, yet show some degree of "flicker"; how plenty is unacceptable? whilst i offered my final alternative, i replace into extra in contact relating to the flickering subject in view that I had examine that some bulbs all started flickering after in elementary terms 2 hundred hours. i replace into waiting to locate a 0.33-occasion guarantee. that could be a three-year guarantee (nonetheless in consequence). because of the fact the bulb nonetheless works, i do no longer understand how reliable that guarantee somewhat is.

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