LPN or RN???? need opinion from someone who has been in same position as i am now.?

I am not too sure if i want to be a nurse but i have decided that i should at least try it.

I am not sure if i should start with an LPN or just go straight for an RN because i have a feeling that i somehow may regret wasting 2 years going for LPN? My concern is that when i become an LPN (which there is a college close to me that i can complete program in 2 yrs) will it be hard to go for RN?. Would i have to get a bachelors degree to become an RN?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    if you can afford your education all at once why not just be a RN? its more pay as a RN.

    i'm deciding what to do too!

    i have to do mine step by step since i have to work full time as well. the first 2 years to be a LPN and then i can work up to my bachelors (4 year program) for RN while working as LPN.

  • 1 decade ago
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