HOw can I impress him?..... ..?

haah it's my biology teacher. he is REALLLLLY funny but he is also very strict, and sometims a bit hurtful if people don't get the answers right or don't turn in homework. he called me table the "remedials" ( if you don't know what rememdial is it is below average) and he called us retarded, i thought that was a bit hurtful and it is really hard pleasing him because he gives us such a freakin hard time in his class.

How can I impress him, as to being a good, smart student?


i really try my best but it doesn't seem enough for him i guess?

i got my notes back and i got an 89% on them, i know i should be grateful, but i am a bit of a perfectionist, not to the point where i'd go into depression or cry though.

any advice?

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    1 decade ago
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    Write nicer?

    Take more time and thought.

    Turn on time.

    Pay attention?

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