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I am getting an iPod touch 32gb 3rd Generation in a few days, What are some cool accessories and applications?

I need to know of some cool ipod touch 2nd gen or 3rd gen accessories (their exactly the same on the outside) I'm planning on getting the otterbox defender however if there is another really protective case that also looks good please recommend it (the defender is only 29.99) I also want to get a mirror screen protector that covers the entire screen even the little space under the home button. I need a router that will work in my house, which is small, but will load videos and internet and stuff fairly quickly on my ipod for under.... 40 or 50 bucks..? If there are other things i should get please let me know, and i would really like to know of some cool apps that are fun, and make sure the screen protector does NOT leave any residue behind! Thank You!


I can find wireless routers for 50 bucks easily, i just need to know which one's are better.

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    Regardless of the size of your house or the range of your wireless router, I doubt you'll find one for $40 or $50.

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