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What does im happy that's the saddest lie mean?

kid cudi says it i want to know what you would interpret it as

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    You might not get this, because it takes something like Common sense to understand.

    In Soundtrack 2 My Life he talks about his life, how he was depressed.

    He says he is happy, and hes mad because that's a lie, and its sad that hes saying that.

    "only thing that calms me down is Pus/sy and some cali tree(weed), I get both never truly satisfied, I am happy that's just the saddest lie"

    He says he is happy, then he says hes not, by saying its a lie.

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    I would think it's a dialogue, so it would be, "I'm happy, that's the saddest lie." What I would interpret it as is someone who is using fake cheer to mask their depression.

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