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How do I make my waist skinnier?

I am very fit and have waist that looks good from the side. But if you look from the front my waist doesn't look skinny at all. (it's armpits to hips straight down without any inward curves)

I continuously work out and do ab exercises, but I never see any progress with my waist..

Is it just genetics or is it possible to get skinny looking waist?


fyi I'm not trying to lose weight here...I'm trying to alter my physical appearance only.

I eat healthy, no drugs drinking or addiction, and work out everyday

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    Ab exercises?

    Why those?

    I say start barbell rowing, deadlifts and squats and you will trim fat off your waist.

    But yes, could be genetics.

    You can't reduce one area and not another.

    You have a big waist because of fat, nothing else.

    You can't simply trim your sides.

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