If you lived in a duplex, would you think it was wierd if your neighbors left their front door open a lot?

Now that it is starting to cool off, I like to keep the door open and turn off the air. My husband always closes it and turns the air back on when he comes home. If your front door was directly across from mine, would you think it was wierd if you came home and could see inside your neighbor's house?

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    I wouldn't think it was weird as long as the neighbor seems to be there. Like you said, the weather is getting nicer...why not turn off the A/C and let nature cool the inside.

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    It depends on what your neighbors can see. If they see an empty foyer with no one in it, that is not at all weird. If they see you and your husband walking around in your underwear in the morning, than its best not to leave it open. I myself can't do that because an open door for me lets my neighbors see if I am decent, if I picked up, ets

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    That's rather normal where we live.

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