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A note to parents..................?

you better watch how you treat your kids cause one day they're going to be stronger than you & smarter when you need them at your mercy, and they're not going to feel like they owe you s*** just because you brought them in this had them, they didn't have you. real love goes a long way. not bulls***


coeyg you sound f****** retarded

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    Wow! So much anger. Sounds like someone needs to pack a suitcase and get out the day they turn 18. If that's the way you feel about your parent's, don't look to them to bail you out if you can't make it on your own.

    Maybe you will make it on your own just fine. That would be great. But yeah, if that's the way you feel, then disappear....nothing is worse than a bitter adult-child.

    Make your own life, and be happy. I did. I haven't seen my parents in 14 years, and I don't miss them yet.

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    I'll bet someone got a spanking today. I don't count on my children for anything. I've been self sufficient all my life and I will be until I die (involuntarily or voluntarily). As your parents get older you will most likely get stronger. You won't necessarily get smarter than your parents.

  • CoeyG
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    Oh yeah we'd better watch out huh? LMAO! You'd better watch out because us old people (baby boomers) are begging to qualify for social security and once we spend it all there won't be any for you lazy A$$ed brats who expect everything handed to you on a silver platter and once we're gone your lazy butts won't have anything to live on. Because we're not going to leave any of our estates to you when we die...we plan on spending it all, going on cruises, and luxury vacations, and you'll be having to work until you're over 100 because there won't be any social security for you. You can bet we are "shaking in our boots" from you puny threats!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Amen chik! I know my mom went through a lot as a kid but she doesn't have to take it out on me! I hate her so much that *****. I wish someone would effing kill her already. I wish parents would be supportive. I just don't even like going downstairs anymore. I just want to stay hidden in my room except I have to eat. I hate her so much. And the funny thing is I tried hard not to let my pressure make me hate her for no reason. But she just had to give me a reason.

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  • ann s
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    1 decade ago

    thank you

    you only think you're smarter until you are a parent yourself

    I'm so happy my kids don't feel this way

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    Let me guess. Mom won't let you stay out after curfew tonight?

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with what you say, But don't be mad just because they say no.

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