97 F250 wheel bearing removal! Retaining nut won't budge!?

I'm repacking the wheel bearings on my 97 F250 4X4. I am down to the retaining nut, and it won't come off. I got it loose and down to about flush with the threads, and it absolutely won't budge. Im actually nicking the nut pretty good with the chisel. Did I miss a snap ring or something? I can't figure it out!!!! Please help so I have something to drive tomorrow!!


STANSEL: Yes it is a 4x4 and yes I am working on the front. It is the old body style F250, not like the rounded redisigned 97 F150

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    tighten it up a bit and rub bearing grease on the end. dont use wd40 or other chemicals to lubricate that area

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    are you working on the rear? If so there is ether a retainer ring that holds a key way to lock the nut or it has a metal plate that has a tab in the key slot and then the tab is bent onto the nut to lock it in place.

    If it is the front a 2x4 is like a passenger car with a carter key locking the nut. If it is a 4x4 let me know if you have locking hubs or not and I can help.

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    I have an F150 (4WD) and the wheel bearing retaining nut requires a special wrench with four tabs on it. The tabs go into slots on the nut and unlock it. The wrench has to be pressed into the nut the entire time you're turning it. Does your retaining nut have four slots, 90 degrees apart?

    btw, the wrench is at autozone.

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    As suggested it desires a kick because of the fact the centre could have built up corrosion and desires a sturdy faucet to loose it. it rather is a straightforward issue so do no longer issue approximately it. placed a pair of nuts on loosely earlier you kick it in basic terms in case it falls off the jack so it wont reason harm. Oh, and "Logan" you noob, your on the united kingdom&eire internet site and over pay attention YOUR the tard which could no longer spell tyre.

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