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New house smells like cleaning agent. How to get rid of smell?

Do I just need to use a Febreze bottle of air freshener, or do I need to go all out and get candles, carpet powder, incense, etc.? It's an old military base house that has been thoroughly cleaned, but I cannot stand the smell of ammonia. Help!

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    Save any citrus peels and spices that are too old to use. Boil them in a pot with a little hot water. They make the house smell lovely for next to nothing. I ground up cinnamon sticks for cinnamon and saved the bits that were too big for my spice bottle for a simmer pot. You could also

    Spray undiluted white vinegar in the air. The vinegar smell evaporates very quickly taking odors with it.

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    At Home Depot and Lowe's you can buy a "cut to fit" filter for your central air that is carbon impregnated. Look in the air filter section.

    The carbon will absorb the odor as the air passes through the system

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    Open up all the windows and let it air out. Air fresheners are just a temporary fix.

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    open the windows, crack the doors. Buy some diffusers, the make the house smell lovely..they sell them at Costco!

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