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Is this it london tan?

I have a london tan saddle, and i am thinking about getting this bridle and reins, i am wondering by london they mean london tan or what? i am wondering if the lighting is very light or if it was a weird color??? pleaaze help, if im right london tan is quite orange , my saddle is heres the bridle and reins


thank you Freedom rider, you helped me tremendously!! it is very frustrating trying to find the right color but as a last resort i would have my leatherman match the color more close to my saddle!but do you guys think overall that they are quality products??

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    There are variations in shades between manufacturers. That is likely Tory's version of London Tan. I've seen it much lighter and still called London Tan and I've seen it darker/more orange and called the same. London as opposed to London Tan shouldn't be different, but there are no guarantees. The best way to match your saddle with a bridle, especially if you show, is to look into what bridles are offered by the same company that made your saddle. Otherwise, even on the internet, the image can appear much different on screen than in real life, so you think you are getting one shade and get another. I know it's confusing and can be frustrating.

    You can see what I mean: Here are 2 pictures both advertised as London Tan by different manufacturers. The first one is very pale with what looks like to be no orange:

    The second one has the orange shade I believe you're talking about. Again, different manufacturer.

    The Tory 'seems' to fall somewhere inbetween, unless the lighting is throwing its true shade off. If you don't show, getting it as close as possible and not exact, is okay.

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    you cana twll what the color is by what its called because somr buisnesses and people think its a certain color but its not

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