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How do i find the equation of a horizontal line?

I already know two points. They are (3, -1) and (3, 1)

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    its vertical

    x = 3

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    A horizontal line will have two points with same same y-value.

    The equation for slope is (y2-y1)/(x2-x1), and if both y-values are equal, the slope will equal zero, and you have found yourself a horizontal line.

    In this case, you have a vertical line, in which the x-values are equal. If you insert both into the slope equation, you will end up with a zero in the denominator, which results in an undefined slope.

    An easy way to remember all of this is this simple phrase:

    H0y Vux.

    What this means is that a horizontal line will have a slope of 0, and be a y = an integer equation, and a vertical line will have an undefined slope, and be expressed with x = an integer.

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    You have wrong information here. The line that passes through the points you gave is VERTICAL.

    The equation of every vertical line is x = constant. In this case

    x = 3 VERTICAL LINE.

    If you want the equation of a horizontal line, it will be y = constant, but will not work with the two points you have

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    This line would actually be vertical. Because the X value of the function is 3 regardless of the Y value, we say x=3. X is always equal to 3, no matter what.

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    this is a vertical line,

    think horizontal = horizon (sun) ;-)

    so this means that x=3

    To explain further:

    lets see if this works;

    when y= -1 x is still equal three

    when y= 1 x is also still equal to three

    you get the points (3,-1) and (3.1)


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    This is a vertical line, and x=3

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    It's a vertical line. You can graph it 'cause it is confusing to explain with words. The slope is undefined, the equation is x=3

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    This is a vertical line, It has no slope.

    it is X=3

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    x = 3 both your x coordinates are the same

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