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Do I have a chance with this girl in my math class or she just being friendly? Girls opinions please?

Ok so I am 17 and a senior in high school. This girl who sits in front of me is a junior. I have never talked to her before because I am shy and nervous but I knew her name cause I have a crush on her. So last class I wore my brand new adidas and she said she liked them. I was like cool maybe she is starting to notice me. Then we got put in groups of 3 and the teacher called out who was in each group and I got put in hers. So she turns around and asks. Who is jake? I was like ummm me haha. So we started working and I did the first problem really quick and she was like wow ok mister brainiac. So we keep doing problems and I got one wrong and she turns to me and says I told you that was wrong jokingly and hits me. I was like wow lol. I thought she was flirting with me. But I really can't tell if someone is flirting with me. So we left class and I was walking out and she was walking behind me in the hall. So I waited until she got next to me and I started talking to her. We won lollipops in math and they had tape on the sticks so I said we probably look dumb with the tape on and she laughed. Then I started teasing her for losing because we still lost. Do you think she was flirting with me by hitting me and complimenting my shoes or just being friendly? I mean she didn't even know my name and I sit behind her. Also her facebook status says she is in a complicated relationship but it doesn say with anyone. Do I have a shot? What should I do next class? What should I say how should I act?

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    Okay I am a girl and she probably doesn't like you yet. I have lots of guy friends who I think are so funny and I hang out with them and stuff. Either way I would just say hi, pass a note every now and then randomly and try and catch her between classes. Don't hog her because she'll just get resentful and try and avoid her. I would give her some space, approach every now and then. I would e-mail her too and instant message her when you can. Don't be on the computer waiting for her to log in, because if your 'always' on, she might think you really are a brainy kid. Simply be nice, don't push, and invite her out to a group thing. Maybe invite some of her friends, (if you know them.) and some of yours and just say 'we are going blah blah blah...' 'wanna come?' do this every once and a while depending on if she liked the first one. Try and catch her in a conversation during the group thing, but also let her talk to her friends.

    Good luck!

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