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im 14, and told my mom im going to get pregnant @ 16. she was cool with it?

i really want to have a kid @ 16.

she was perfectly fine with it after some thinking.

im just worried about my dad.

i dont know why, but im obsessing about this.

is this a good idea?

why or why not?

personal stories?

how hard it is?


parent support,

schooling, ect?


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    I think you should wait until you graduate high school and preferably after you're married. Your mother may be ok with it because you're getting older and shes afraid of an empty nest.

    You should never consider having a child without an education nor without a spouse.

    You're young enjoy your youth because these are times you will never get back.

  • This is a bad idea. You are 16. There is so many things that you can do with your life without a baby. It is hard to rise a baby when you are an adult. It is a 24hr job. You cant go out and hang with your friends, you cant just go do what you want. I would suggest that you talk to a conseler and see about a Baby Think It Over doll. This would give you a small idea of what it is like to rise a baby and do some research on the cost of rising a child. Plus think about this what would be best for a child two loving parents or one. Most boys at that age dont want a baby and will not stay with a woman and help with the support of a child.

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    This is the stupidest idea ever why 16 and not 18 that's sounds a lot more reasonable.

    16 it's to young and your mother is obviously careless.

    at 16 your broke and dumb and are not even fully developed.

    I really hope you do not make that mistake you can wait till your 18

    My mother was 15 when she had me and because she thought it was so hard and she was broke she gave me away to my father who is a crack head. And i was planned when she was just 15

    i was not raised by my mother i was raised by my grandmother.

    And i recent my mother we are not close what so ever because she thought she was young she knew it all she did not know sh!t.

    Get married and have babies as many as you want at 16 you really think that little boy knows he wants to be with you forever you are sadly mistaken. He wants to have sex with all the girl he can.

    Don't you want all of your children to have the same father

    i have 3 other siblings and they all have different fathers neither of us have the same dad i think it is sad and nasty and i am talking about my mother sure i care about her well being but i could care less about her life and how she decides to live it and she is all skewed up

    all because she wanted a baby at 15.

    Don't be stupid you can be 21 and have babies and be a cool mom when there teenagers age does not define that at all.

    My mom was never cool and still is not. and she is 33 with an 18 16 a 8 and 5 year old.

    Source(s): i am 18 and 7 weeks pregnant with my first
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    You are fourteen and you want to have a child...hmm...let's think about that...seriously think about it.

    Do you really think that having a child is in your best interest? Have you talked to teenage mothers and have heard how hard it can be? At sixteen you are supposed to be going out on dates, having fun, being in school...being a teenager, a child.

    I'm seventeen years old, had a boyfriend for three years, have had scares a couple of times. I feel that I am mature for my age, I am a big girl, if I can have sex I can deal with the consequences.

    Well I can't...for one, I have no job, and the only job I would be able to get with a high school education would be working at some dinner, Walmart, or fast food joint.

    You can't support yourself or a child on something like that.

    Talk about school...drop out of school get a GED, online high school, go to a high school while pregnant or with the kid...Grades wise, you be so stressed out it wouldn't be funny, no sleep, late nights, grades, test, SAT's. Reputation wise, you be labeled a matter what, there are very cruel people out there. Sorry.

    Yeah, you have someone built in to love and who will always be there. They'ree cute, adorable, and sweet.

    You want to experience a child...babysit. Don't have one, wait.

    Source(s): My opinion.
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    Im not going to say its a bad idea or a good idea. in the end it is up to you to decide.

    But i have a question for you. What is the reason for you to have a child?

    When i first found out my gf was preg i admit i was worried for the fact i have not finished school. I didnt have a decent job to handle all the bills.

    When the time came and he was born. I couldnt believe this was my child, a part of me and i feel in love with him.

    Now he is nearing a year and my love for him is still growing but those nights where he would cry for no reasons or when he goes to bed late and wakes up 530 in the morning crying has aggrevated me because he is so nosy now that he is afraid to miss anything that he gives himself little sleep so he is exhausted all day so he is fuzzy and crying all day.

    All babies are different it doesnt mean or next one when it comes is going to be the same as him.

    The crys has tested my patience to the end. And i have patience of a saint(I was told)

    I think the hardest part for me is going back to school but i have another that is there to support me so that i can get somewhere better for the family.

    Money has always been my issue. We had been getting help from wick for formula. He goes through about a can every one to two days and if one can is roughly 25 dollars that be about 200 dollars estimated of course just for one month.

    Wick doesnt cover diapers and anything else you need so that is straight out of pocket. Its kinda hard to do the math for diapers since there are so many brands to choose from. just and FYI if you decide to have a child dont get the parent choice brand(walmart brand) as they may be cheap but they dont hold as much as other name brands. I have a boy and he pees alot so that may be a factor.

    We also had a child while she was in school, she had help from her parents with watching a child and i would help her with assignments she would have trouble in to ensure she wouldnt fail her classes.

    Im not sure if you have a significant other or if your parents would help watch the baby while you did homework as it could play a big factor of passing or failing unless your school has a school aged moms program that may help you get through school.

    When we had ours we thought ahead and went to flea markets, garage sales and salvation amry for all his clothes and enought toys for him to play with.

    Many young parents may have different stories and may or may not tell you to do it. Im just suggesting to do some further research on how much a baby would cost. I know in NEPA we have a place you can go to for planed parenthood. Im not sure if your state has one. if you do give them a call or go down and talk to them so you can understand more about parenthood.

    I can go on and on as probaly the rest of us with experience can but make sure you cover all the bases of the parenthood so you dont walk into it blindfolded like i did. It wasnt easy believe me and im 23 years old.

    What ever you decide I wish you luck.

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    I had twins at 16.

    Wait. You don't need a baby at 16. Believe me. YOU DON'T.

    Don't have sex until you're of legal age, because sex=baby. Baby=You're a big kid now. Which means, no parties, no dances, no friends, nothing. Good luck, hope you make the right choice for the baby and wait.

  • i had my first daughter at 14 second at 18 and im now 19 on my boy on the way im married and very happy. but it is really hard you need to live your life have fun life is short party it up and finish school! trust me dont do it you will look back and say man i was dumb for thinking that good luck!

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    i'm not going to type out a long answer if you're not going to listen. if you really truly want an opinion, e-mail me.

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    dont do it plz

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