having trouble with new yahoo mail cant find address book to send emails to my contacts?

can some one tell me where to go to find it

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Insert addresses this easy way:

    With Classic Mail:

    >Click on Compose/New or forward.

    >Click directly on the word TO and your mailing list opens.

    >Check each name (address) you want to send to and then click the "insert checked contacts" tab.

    With the All New Mail:

    >Click on New or forward.

    >Click on TO to open your mailing list.

    >Click on one name (address), and then press and hold the "ctrl" while clicking on the others

    >Click OK.

  • 1 decade ago

    Everybody is having the same problems. This seems to work for me, because I can see what looks like my original "Contacts" although it is now called "Address Book" Give it a try


    Your Yahoo email page


    Select from underlined - To, CC, or BCC

    You will now see your contacts, no matter what they call them.

    Drag the lower right corner down to make it full screen, and if you want your list from a category, this is the place to select it.

    When you have made your selections (I use BCC for privacy), select Input from bottom left of screen. All your selected contacts are now in your email.

    Good luck

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