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My period only lasted 1 day and was late?

My period was 2 weeks late and only lasted one day, with no cramps...only true sign was severe acne on my face. Why could this have happened, I havent been sexually active for like 6 months now so I know that I am not pregnant... I just started a new job, do you think my body is re-aligning to the other females I work with??? It is kind of scaring me

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    It may be due to all the stress you're having from your new job. You could also be aligning to those women's cycles, so that could be it, too. Was it a heavy flow? If it was, it may just be an irregular month. If it was very light, it may be something different. If you're worried, check with your doctor.;_ylt=AhG.x...

    Answer mine please?

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