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why do the money change everyday in france...and why is it diffrent from american money?

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    Everyday? We changed from Francs to Euros in 1999, before that we changed to Francs in... 1795. Two centuries earlier.

    Or do you mean the exchange rate? In that case it is the value of the Euro and the value of the USD that change everyday on the international market (money is also a commodity to be traded like coffee or shares).

    And we don't have USD because we have our own money. Had our own money long before the US existed. When the US decided to create a common format for their money they chose what they liked, which was not the same format as the French one.

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    It is different because it is different, just like the language is different. It changes because money is a commodity like gasoline and people buy and sell it and this causes the price to change from day to day.

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