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Does the hair brand So Sexy work?

I want this brand b/c it looks like it works but i want your advice first. Which products work especially from it. I straighten my hair almost everyday and my hair is all dry and damaged.

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    Do you use a heat protectant before straightening your hair?

    I really recommend the Chi Silk Infusion, put a little (if your hair is chest length or longer, put about a 3/4 a penny size amount; if your hair is chest length or shorter, put about 1/2 a penny size amount).

    It makes your hair shinier, and smoother/silkier, and protects your hair as well. It's a bit pricey but you don't use much each time so it lasts a long time.

    Try pampering your hair on the weekends or when you have free time.

    Deep conditioning, home remedies (such as putting olive oil or mayonaise on your hair and leaving it there for a while then washing it out; you can search that for more details), etc.

    When you can, try to just airdry your hair and if you can, don't straighten your hair everyday.

    Sorry I didn't recommend anything from So Sexy, I just wanted to help you with your dry & damaged hair problem.

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    yeah but try a straightening balm before u straighten

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    My ex girlfriend liked it

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