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Tips on puppy issues?

How long does it usually take to potty train a dog? I've had him for 2 months and he hasn't been house broken yet, he's a yorkie/chiuaua if that helps

He's also beginning to bark a lot now, just to get attention or if he's angry.

He's 3 mo. old, which means he's teething at the moment? He's been biting on us a lot!

So i need some help/tips on how to make him bark less, bite less, and potty training techniques.

P.s. he doesn't relieve himself in the grass! :( Help on that? I'd like him to do his business there

And how should I punish him? :(

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    You will need to nip this in the bud now. It's easier while he is still young.

    For house training: there are several methods crating is one and I used another. I would take my dog out every hour on the hour, saying "lets go potty"! If he pottied outside, I gave a lot of praise. If he pottied inside I would say "uh oh", then pick up the mess, carry it and him outside saying "let's go potty". I would drop the mess on the grass (may help by showing him where you want the mess) and give lots of praise.

    Biting - every time he bites or starts to - say "no, bite" very firmly and gently pull away.

    Barking - he knows how to speak (bark) = now teach him quiet. You can do this whenever he is quiet, say good boy, good quiet. When he starts to bark, say 'quiet" very firmly and if he is quiet, give lots of praise.

    I recommend you two sign up for obedience classes - you will be able to teach him so much more and control him with verbal commands versus "punishment".

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    Have you tried kennel training him? Dogs don't normally "mess" where they sleep and eat. I have had great success in kennel training. Put him in the kennel at night when he's supposed to be sleeping, when you are not home to watch him, I also take them out every hour. Watch him carefully when you can, because if he's sniffing around alot it usually means he needs to go out. My 7 month old puppy was fully potty trained in two months. Now he stays out with the big boys. You can't punish him unless you catch him in the act. If you punish him after the fact he won't know what he is being punished for and may resent you for it.

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    Puppies are so hyper all the time. We have a doberman and he was the same thing when he was that age. We instead of being all mad at him we started to teach him things like : Sit, down, shake, etc. we gave him treats when he did it right and that kept him from being such a bad puppy. Also buy him toys but don't give him all of them at once. one by one let him play and put them away. Also i think walking him around your house and getting him tired. Barking idk about my dog still barks at EVERYTHINg!! lol good luck.

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