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What country will we most likely be fighting if/when World War III comes?

So basically, I'm a director in the middle of writing a script for an upcoming movie pitch called "The Blackwind Effect." The idea is based around a war forming in America, where the US turns from their invasion of Iraq (which is now a smoldering pile of rubble and bones) and turns to __________. The problem is, I'm not the most political person, and I need some help to make this as realistic as possible. Most of everything else is already set (characters, dialogue, majority of the plot, etc.), but I need locations. So, if you can tell me the name of a COUNTRY (ex: Iran, England, China, etc.) you have a fair chance of getting best answer. But if you can tell me a COUNTRY as well as several locations (ex: states, wastelands, famous landmarks, open fields, counties, etc.) then you have a much better chance. Please feel free to give me as MUCH as you can, I really appreciate lengthy amounts of information. Thanks for the help, and if you want to contact me about the movie, feel free to email me at: "themarzjokerz@yahoo.com."


To people like Travis (and others), the story is loosely written now and in its first draft, so I can easily change it accordingly. Anyone who knows anything about writing knows that the characters are most important (relationships and such). You are BORN before you are introduced to different surroundings. I feel that getting the reactions and likings of people is the best way NOT TO SCREW UP and make the movie worth watching. Thanks though.

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    WW III will probably entail a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the US in the form of a freighter-launched nuclear missile, aimed to detonate high over the central US or at least close to the Eastern seaboard and major centers of power and financial districts in New York and Washington among others....possibly the Gulf states as well where most of our oil capacity and many high tech firms are located....Texas, Louisiana, etc....

    A launch such as that would give very little warning if launched close to our shoreline but still in international waters. A high-altitude medium-sized nuclear detonation over the central US would cause the entire electrical grid and most electrical devices that aren't shielded in the US to fail from the effects of EMP....Electro-Magnetic Pulse....and render the entire US basically a 19th century country again. Iran would be the most likely perpetrator of this...it's President has vowed to wipe out the US and Israel...in that order... so that the 12th Imam in Islam can return and rule the world according to Muslim eschatology. The US is already aware (since the late 90's) that Iran has tested ballistic missiles on ocean-going freighters....it's nuclear capabilities are the only thing standing in it's way and a good reason for the US and other countries to deny it or limit it's ability to produce nuclear fuel or weapons.

    After such a strike, the path would be supposedly? open for an immediate and coinciding pre-emptive strike against Israel and possibly parts of Iraq allowing Iran to be the dominant Muslim country in the world. Muslim countries and parts of Europe and Russia dominated by their culture would take up arms and invade Israel one final time to take back the Holy Lands since Israel's main protector...the US.... would be critically paralyzed and in great disarray....Israel would have a final battle and possibly win by launching their own nuclear arms against vital targets in Muslim countries or against invading armies. According to Biblical eschatology, the battle fields will take several years to cleanup in this final Armeggedon of Israel versus Islam.The US would also have some reserve capabilities and hardened government and military facilities.....we would launch nuclear missiles from submarines against Iran and any other consorting country. China would probably stay out of it as would other European powers who have nothing to gain by backing the US or Israel...they would simply do business with the victors.

    Your "Blackwind Effect" could be labelled after the lights going out all over the US after such a strike.....a wind of blackness over the country.

    "Under one scenario examined by the Rumsfeld Commission, a rogue state could equip an oil tanker or freighter as a clandestine missile launch platform, with launch tubes and missiles hidden below decks. As it approached the United States, it would blend in with the large volume of commercial traffic along the coastal waterways and remain undetected, until it launched missiles equipped with biological or nuclear warheads.

    "Sea launching could also permit [a country] to target a larger area of the U.S. than would a missile fired from its home territory," the Commission stated.

    The Commission warned that Iran could have nuclear warheads for such a missile before the U.S. could detect it. "Because of significant gaps in our knowledge, the U.S. is unlikely to know whether Iran possesses nuclear weapons until after the fact." Iran is believed to already have biological weapons.

    Another Rumsfeld Commission member, former Undersecretary of State William Schneider, noted that the Commission had been critical of the way the U.S. intelligence community analyzed foreign missile programs. "We launched a Polaris missile off of a commercial ship back in 1962 and it works fine. There is no reason to believe it is not being done by others."

    The most likely scenario for a Third World proliferator, Schneider said, was to "drive a TEL [Tractor-Erector-Launcher] out to the pier, drop it into the hold of a merchant ship, and head West." When they wanted to fire the missile, they would simply bring the launcher up on deck. "Any number of countries could do this. They have the TELs, they have the missiles. And using commercially-available IMARSAT and GPS technology, they will have the navigation data they need. This will transform virtually any short-range or medium-range ballistic missile into an ICBM, because you can deploy it in a merchant ship commingled with commercial traffic, which is much harder to detect than somebody coming into Kennedy airport with a bomb."

    Iran appears to have drawn its inspiration if not actual the design plans for its sea-launched ballistic missile from Russia, which has helped design and test its Shahab-3 and Shahab-4 missiles. In the 1960s and 1970s, Russia planned to deploy nuclear missiles on board ice-breakers plying the Barents and Okhotsky Seas, but eventually abandoned the pro

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    North Korea has been flexing.

    You could have a pirate problem in Somalia and it escalates.

    You could turn to former enemies such as Russia...however ironically we were allies during WW2. I guess we had more in common as far as political interests than we had hate for each other.

    If you want to go away from the middle east...try Asia. It would be a diversion...because you have your back somewhere else...you could have other enemies forming alliances....

    You should read a little history prior to writing your book...

    Find out what assassination was the start of WW1...

    Who was at war before American involvement in WW2.

    Those two questions will help you understand how a world war starts...and the political climate leading up to it...what events trigger it....

    Look at the political make up...and watch both Fox and CNN for about an hour each night and get an idea about some political things going on...(but watch the news portions...try not to hang up on the talking heads.)

    keep a note book for about a month and then look over your notes for patterns and you can use some of it to help your plot.

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    Hey. Well there are a couple of candidates, whom I will describe.

    North Korea and us have rising tensions. Their Lead Kim Il Jung is a nut! However, they are pretty weak! Their nuclear capabilities are nothing compared to ours, thus would not put up a good fight. This probably wouldn't be a good choice.

    Another candidate is Iran. One thing to raise suspense is that we do not know if they have a nuclear ability or not. It is possible Russia sold them nuclear missiles. They dislike the U.S. to quite a degree.

    A very entertaining candidate is Russia. They are the most powerful candidates and would make for a great movie. Recently Russian subs were spotted outside of Alaska too. Tensions are rising slightly, and they don't mind selling missiles to the enemies of our nation. They may make war with us.

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    I would start off with N Korea, with China later taking their side. And then maybe later on as the war progressed you would see N Korea's allies grow ie: Iran and Russia (keep in mind that China joined their alliance; 2 great powers rising against the U.S.). Try looking at the problems of today. I can say the U.S. allies would definitely be G.B., Australia, and Canada...maybe France.. Hell it's movie just throw some countries in there bud.

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    well this should be a good movie but i would think that probly china or russia or mabey even germany would be good since there all fairly big countires and would have a chance at sucsess and well the germans could be the people who still belive in hittlers rule or somethin while china just wants more power or something and russia well no not russia they sorta already fought with us aginst hitler that would be wierd for them to betray us like that. but as for locations and all that just ask me on my email if need info or locations on somethin in any state or country or anything ill be happy to help. im very resoursefull on this stuff.

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    North Korea.

    Our relationship with North Korea is unstable, and on shaky grounds. One wrong move, and we could start a global war.

    There's two Korea: North & South. We're supporting South Korea, but the North is the aggressive one right now.

    They even claimed to possess weapons of massive destruction, and arsenals of other weapons: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Korea_and_weapo...

    North Korea's HQ, or main city is Pyongyang.

    I hope you add me in the credits! ;p

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    2k9..mexico /cartel drug wars increase,,,,,our border and L.A. become armed camps,mexico has a coup,china refuses to finance U.S. debt,,,,,,invades and occupies taiwan,,,,prk initiates attack on ROK,pakistan has coup,,,,fundamentalist towelheads take over,putin and medvedyev invade ukraine,they and china form new economic and political alliances,,,,,,great britain has constitutional change to islamist sharia law,,,thus acquiring britains nuclear ssbns,,,,,,alls we'd need then is a thousand predators like danny glover did in,,,,,,watchit folks,they could be cominta gitcha

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    10 pts bwahaha,

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    chinese come at us through canada,,,,200,000,000 little guys on ponies,,russkies thru alaska,,, mexican dopers ,the french through macys' basement(nyc),,,,with che guevara Ts,a bad day at black rock,,,,,,didn know whicha these clickers gives ya 10 pts,bwahaha,ya gottem in sprit n e weigh

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    That is funny man.......


    Source(s): chinese,japamese,n koreans, vietnam , islamic republic of indonesia,pakistan,india,iran invade from the west,,danny glover is a retired cop,now in a wheelchair in gary indiana,,,,,,town mayor is perplexed about mysterious mutilation murders of criminals and badass dopers at an abandoned gary steel plant,it's all over the news and net channels,cable.He wheels his chair over to his apt wall where there is a 17 century italian revolver with a portuguese name in silver on the side,,,he fingers the side arm,thinks back to his encounter with predators 30 years earlier,, "so those uuglee muthaphuckas back again'.......... he gets in his wheelchair van,brings a sandwich,coffee .the old antique revolver,goes out to the plant,,,where the emts have removed a hundred bodies,,collected 50sia,england,france,germany spain,cuba,venezuela,leftist colombia,haiti,jamaica land at the statue of liberty
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    The key word in World War II is "World".

    Iran nukes Israel, USA nukes Iran, Pakastan defends Iran, India nukes Pakastan, Russia nukes India, USA nukes Russia, Red China tries to nuke but the missle won't fire.

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    Afghanistan. Make marines the star branch! hehe Oorah.

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