Are you good at making storys? contest! 10 points!?

using 8-10 sentences, try to make a really good scary story. Being very descriptive. Using similies, and metaphors to help enhance your story! Topic: Haunted house, haunted space station... etc!

10 point prize! :D

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    Skyler and I were running away. We don't know why, but we were running away from the world. Everything was lost, until we reached the vast lake bigger than the World itslef. Skyler look at me, until I started crying with tears of fright. "How can we live here?" she wondered aloud,"Mum would soon find out". Tears were now rolling down her cheeks. As I looked into the water darker than a blanket of black, I saw a figure shaped like...a monster pictured from a storybook. Skyler saw it too, but as she looked at me, the figure briskly rose out of the water, sweeping Skyler up into the air. I didn't know what to do, so I froze there, in peril.

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