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What is the best drugstore eyeliner for me?

Please make sure it:

1. Is waterproof or at least water resistant. I have an oily T-zone and therefore oily eyelids, and I'm in high school and I don't want to be running from class to class with smudgy, gross looking eyeliner.

2. Comes in plum, navy, rich brown, and black shades.

3. Is a mechanical pencil. I don't know how to do cake, mineral, or liquid eyeliner, and I hate sharpening pencils.

4. Is a product you have tried, preferably. If you see something at the store I might want to try, suggest it, but I'd prefer if it were a product that you know works, at least for you.

6. Is inexpensive, a drugstore brand. I'm on a budget here!

5. I have blue eyes, and if there's some sort of waterproof mechanical eyeliner that's meant to bring out blue eyes, then great.

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    I agree with revlon colorstay! the BEST eyeliner i have ever used. Its the kind that just twists up from the tube, so no sharpening, and its super soft.

    I have brown eyes, so i use the dark blue color. but they have a ton of colors available.

    Go get it!!!! lol

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    Revlon colorstay definitely!!

    It stays on for like 8 hours and its also water proof.

    You can pretty much find it at any drugstore. It comes

    in black and alot of different colored browns, it doesn't run

    and its mechanical. Comes in 8 shades

    Hope I helped

    I think this product would be perfect for you

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