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What is wrong with my cd played in my bmw 330i 2003? Please help?

Well i burnt a cd and put it in my bmw 330oi 2003 when i put the burnt cd it worked but it skipped and was really fuzzy sounding so i decided to put it in my moms car to see if it was the cd but it worked in my moms car and my sisters so idk?

then my friends mom owns a bmw and she said that her brunt cds work in her bmw so she gave me one of the blank cds she uses and i tryed it and it didnt work

if you own a bmw of any kind what brand of blank cds work for you?

is it the brand of cd or maybe the application that burns the cd idk what im doing wrong please help me thanks

if something needs to be fixed where can i get it fixed do i have to go to a bmw dealership or can i go anywhere and how much do you think it will be?


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    The older headunits wont always play the cdr's but like I was saying in your other yahoo question. If you hook up the direct connect unit like the DICE Electronics I-BMW-T you can transfer your music to your iPod and play them through that part and you wont have to carry a bunch of cd's around.

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    In older BMW's like yours, only original recorded cd's in good condition can be expected to work normally. CdR's are usually spotty when played. There are so many variables like the quality of the recording, the recording software, the disc itself, and of course the inability of the player itself to work flawlessly on discs other than original ones. You must remember that the optical reader of your car's cd player could also be bad.

    Stick to new and commercially bought cd's. Buy also the cleaning products intended to clean cd players' optical pickups.

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