Do you ever feel helpless knowing Obama will still be our president at least a little over three more years?


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    No, we can disable his power by replacing all members of Congress up for reelection in 2010.

    This means we would have 435 new members of the House and 36 new Senators.

  • You shoulda felt helpless when Bush was our president for 8 yrs.....having all of that time to start a war (for money) kill our troops, tear down and rob USA blind and retire with major loot!

    Now you have someone who really cares about people........not race but PEOPLE.........and......someone who is trying to pick up the shattered pieces that was left by a thief and a liar!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BUSH)

    Why didn't you say something then?

    It's sad when all people see is the outside of a person, instead of looking deeper into the heart

    Its sad when people would rather give an immoral person all the chances in the world........but honest and sincere person with morals a fair chance.

    Give Obama the chance to gain his footing..........he will find a way to get through this.....even if his own party won't support him for fear of a back-lash from other racist indiviuals.

    With prayer........things can and will Change.......for the better!

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    Not entirely helpless. We can vote many of his cronies in the Senate and House next year. And in 3 years we can vote him out. In the meantime write your House member and Senators about agenda items you are against. Write letters to the editors. Attend rallies against his socialistic policies. Expose the ways he is ruining this country to those who do not see it. Don't be helpless. Fight back.

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    Yes.. Redcorn no think this young cub qualified for position he hold... Me have many worries about the damage that he will do to our country over the remainder of his term... Me thinks in end we will be OK though, we have very resilient country...

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  • Jill M
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    1 decade ago

    Yes. But what you need to do is kick yourself you know where and get in gear. Email/telephone your Representatives and Senators - both for your State and for the Feds. Tell them how you feel.

    Go to a teaparty - I'm telling you it got me so enthused!!! So many nice and friendly people who were there to speak their minds and show how they really felt.

    Pass on those great emails about politics to everyone you know. (Libs will block you eventually but hey it is our duty to spread the wealth (of information). :)

    We had neighbors that were SOOO Democrat - until I started sending them emails about gun control. Hubby is a hunter and gun nut and boy oh boy - they did turn out and vote and it was not for O. They loved Sarah Palin. They just voted Democrat from habit.

    Find what your friends' weakness is and let them know what Obama will NOT do for them.

    Most important of all Pray, Protest and Vote in 2010.

    Here is a good link so you can clearly state what the Great O is doing to our country.

    Source(s): Keep your chin up! :)
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    not anymore ! I was at the rally in dc 9/12/09 .it was like a Resurrection from being entombed.there were1.7 million pissed off Americans that had enough ! the party is over,the giant is waking up and we have these mfkrs surrounded.acorn is about to become a bad dream for obama,the czars are next.

  • Alan S
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    Helpless? Of course not, mine was one of the votes that got him the job. I feel as empowered as can be. I felt helpless in 2000 and truly terrified in 2004. So I have empathy for you albeit, one of us has groundless fears and is most likely in denial about it.

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    I don't because I like to do things myself but I feel for all of the people who will lose their jobs thanks to Marxist legislation and all of the children that will be trafficked into the US to have a life of prostitution. I would hate to know what his constituents would be doing if McCain woudl've won...not that I am a Republican but they would've been able to go further than child prostitution being that they wouldn't be in the lime light.

    Source(s): The person who called Bush a redneck is clearly a racist. More liberal racism...what a surprise!!!
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    Yes, hopefully I'll be out of the Country most of that time....!!

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    Source(s): MaGiC 8 bAll hAv a Gr8 dAy!
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