Can you morons stop saying Obama care. And I will stop saying 8 years of failure?

under Republican leadership. Is it a deal?


Ok then. 8 years of failure .

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    Hussein care. Now stop whining.

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    You are right. Pelosi care is the more accurate term for the HR 3200 BS bill.

    Elwood I like the name. Your stats may be correct but you are missing some critical numbers as well as a description as to what the numbers listed mean. We have a lower life expectancy due to risky life choices, high drug/ alcohol abuse, and poor diet. Our infant death rate is due in part to high drug use in pregnancy. If you want numbers that show how good our health care is then look at survival rates after diagnoses. WE lead the world in that stat.

    Elwood your last couple of links and your added statements go toward my argument that we have a poor diet. From my personal experience I saw the effects of fast food first hand on my many visits overseas. In Japan the cities which have become heavily influenced by American culture also have become subject to the American problem of obesity. Yokuskia now has McDonald's, BK, and other western fast food joints and obesity is now a problem. There are other modern but traditional Japanese cities which have not taken our dietary influence and they rarely see obesity in their population. I do agree we need reform but lets not forget that we have very good medical facilities/ doctors. We just need to bring down cost not change everything about our system.

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    Call people morons and then ask for a truce. Bargaining is a skill.

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    1 decade ago

    Obama is a mistake and an illegal alien. No deal.

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    You mean ObamaCare- the Cuban-style, state-run health care .. ?

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    Okay, I've heard enough of that kind of talk. Go wash your mouth out with, you ain't getting no supper.

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    1 decade ago

    you can say what you want but i will continue to say obama care because that is what it is

    am i a racist because i do not like obama>?

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    hmmmm, I would rather listen to people say obamacare then not hear you rant about bush, so, I hope nobody accepts your ridiculous offer.

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    They just want to name-call. None of them have the guts to debate the following statistics:

    The fact is that in the USA we pay nearly *twice* what Europeans pay for health care, and we have both higher infant mortality and lower life expectancy than most European countries. In the table below, im = infant mortality and L = life expectancy. See for mortality and life; see for costs.

    United States --- im= 6.4, L= 78.0, cost $7290, 16.0% of GDP

    Canada --------- im= 4.6, L= 80.3, cost $3895, 10.1% of GDP

    Austria -------- im= 4.5, L= 79.2, cost $3763, 10.1% of GDP

    United Kingdom -- im= 5.0, L= 78.7, cost $3895, 8.4% of GDP

    Denmark ------ im= 4.5, L= 78.0, cost $3362, 10.4% of GDP

    Finland ------- im= 3.5, L= 78.7, cost $2840, 8.2% of GDP

    France -------- im= 4.2, L= 79.9, cost $4763, 11.0% of GDP

    Germany ------ im= 4.1, L= 79.0, cost $3527, 10.4% of GDP

    Greece -------- im= 5.3, L= 79.4, cost $2727, 9.6% of GDP

    Italy ----------- im= 5.7, L= 79.9, cost $2686, 8.7% of GDP

    Norway ------- im= 3.6, L= 79.7, cost $4763, 8.9% of GDP

    Spain --------- im= 4.3, L= 79.8, cost $2671, 8.5% of GDP

    Sweden ------- im= 2.8, L= 80.6, cost $3323, 9.1% of GDP

    Switzerland --- im= 4.3, L= 80.6, cost $4417, 10.8% of GDP

    USA has 36 days longer life expectancy than these two countries!

    Ireland ------- im= 5.2, L= 77.9, cost $3424, 7.6% of GDP

    Portugal ----- im= 4.9, L= 77.9, cost $2150, 9.9% of GDP

    According to David Frum (special assistant to president, 2001-2), between 2000 and 2007, the cost of the average insurance policy for a family of four doubled. See

    Some folks blame our high costs on malpractice insurance. But the numbers don't support that. Including legal fees, insurance costs, and payouts, the cost of the suits comes to less than 1.5 percent of health-care spending. See and Along those lines, it's interesting to note that a number of states already have "caps and tort reform" yet the insurance companies have not lowered the cost of malpractice insurance in those states. Finally, most malpractice cases occur in state court where the Federal government has no juristiction. See

    ----------- update -----------

    @jovette: can you supply a link to your stat?

    I won't quibble over causes of our slightly lower life expectancy. The more salient figure is our extremely high costs.

    Here's my explanation for that. We have in our midst a socioeconomic group that can't or won't afford regular doctors' visits. These people tend to obesity, which tends to cause silent diabetes and arterial disease. Well, silent for a while, until they suddenly get expensive and shorten lives. They are both easy and inexpensive to diagnose and treat (a little insulin, pick your statin) but if unnoticed they really raise costs.

    Take a look at this map: it's heart disease by county. I'm sure the diabetes map is similar. Here's a map of life expectancy by county: notice the similarity. But also note that of 50 states, only Hawaii is healthier than Canada.

    It's this population that we have to get into regular doctor visits. Then we will likely have the worlds best health care. But as David Frum points out, if our insurance costs are doubling every 8 years, we are not going to get this problem under control.

    To summarize the argument, I claim that good early care trumps good late care.

    ----------- update 2 -----------

    jovette: Still no links to support your claim about survival after diagnosis? I'll bet the truth is we lead in some diseases but probably lag in heart disease and diabetes.

    On the other hand, I totally agree with you that we have very good medical facilities/ doctors, and that we need to bring down costs.

    Will it surprise you to learn that Obama totally agrees with you too? Will it surprise you to learn that health care reform will leave doctors and hospitals as they are with no change in ownership or operations? That it's not going to change everything about our system? Will it surprise you to learn that HR3200 is all about *insurance* reform? Will it surprise you to learn that the dreaded "public option" is just a hands-off non-profit insurance company that will pay doctors and hospitals just the way Medicare has been doing for decades?

    I don't know where you've been getting your news, but health care reform is all about insurance coverage and not rejecting people for pre-existing conditions. So am I correct here that your objections to reform were based on a misunderstanding? Now that we've cleared that up, can I assume you are in favor of reforming health care *insurance*?


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