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How is Kanye West a racist?

So what if he took the might from Taylor. That's not racist. Plus it's just an awards show. Taylor go a second chance to come out and accept it. She now needs to grow some balls and stick up for herself. If a white person said that to beyonce when she was accepting that award, i wouldn't think it was racist, I would think that's their opinion.

p.s. I know Kayne said that "bush dont care about black people" but how is that racist?

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    Remember racest has many colors because you like him this doesn't stop him from being a Racest he is also a coward you as a woman should object for a man doing this to a Young Lady let him pull the mike out of a man's hand. No matter how much you like him he is still a bigot!

    Source(s): Dear Madi the bad part was arrogancy makes a person look worse than what they really are Do you like President Obama? He called him a Jack-Ass did you know that?
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    It's called reverse racism, and it's not a made up term. A lot of people have the common misconception that racism means something against a minority group, but it can just as well happen to the majority. Just look at the firefighter case in New Haven, CT for example.

    I don't think he was racist for what he did to Taylor, that was just Kanye being a prick, like he always is. Taylor shouldn't have had to stick up for herself because the jerk shouldn't have gotten up there anyway.

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    He is not a racist, as far as I know. Taking the mic from Taylor was not a racist act at all. it was just pig ignorant and rude.

    Taylor does not need to grow balls. She should not have to expect that sort of behaviour from anyone when she is on stage like that.

    Besides, if she did grow balls she would be far less attractive. I think that would make her a hermaphrodite.

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    It's not of course. His actions, as well as the old Cosby show, prove that blacks are just like whites and capable of the lowest-class actions possible. It's low-class not because he's black, but because his actions were low-class.

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    kanye is a racist, spoiled little brat that needs a good spanking.

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    Only Mr. West knows that for sure.

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    It is not. Some white People seem to think it is. They don't understand, they don't walk in our shoes. They have not overcame what we had to overcome.

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    hes not he still sad when his mother pass away

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