I found on the internet a site that said a woman and a man from my home town... a small one in Louisiana... was making money off this google site. i figured it was real i dont see a scammer putting my town on their site its way small... ive been reading about the 70 n 80 dollar 7th day trial charge, which i never heard about. its almost 7 days i think this was very stupid of me but i need help IF YOU COULD POST ANY SITE URL THAT YOU NO OF FOR GOOGLE WORK AT HOME PLEASE POST IT. i paid like 2 dollars shipping fee i just am stressed with college and just lost my job and needed some extra cash this wasnt a good idea after all please help me. I NO WHAT I SEARCHED HAD BIZ PAPER IN IT I THINKK... well dont no but i could really use ur help on this.

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    1 decade ago
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    Those sites are called membership sites. They don't tell you about monthly fee in open but hide something in their TOS. Better know how to find Google scams because these days there are too many of them.

    AdSense is the program which belongs to Google and which really pay. To join that you need to have a web site/blog . You can start a free blog at and then apply for adesnse after few months. Its free to join. Biggest fact about earning is that you need loads of site visitors to earn money. more visitors means more money. Also there are other adnetworks which like AdSense but they don't pay same as AdSense.

    Still your site/blog gets good enough to apply for AdSense you can use GPT sites. in those sites you can complete free offers and get paid. If you live if USA then you have a bigger chance to earn because there are too many free offers. Also their referral program pays up to 30% from yr referrals.

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    5 years ago

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