How do you say "really" or "seriously" in spanish?

As an example, "really" used in this context:

"Is that a cat?"

"No it's a dog."


"Really." <-- I need to know how to say "really" as a reply. "Seriously" could work too.

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    ¿En serio? - really(with a question mark) ?

    en serio - seriously

    "Is that a cat?" - Es que un gato?

    "No, it's a dog." -

    "¿En serio?" - when asking Really?

    "Realmente." - when answering Really.

    You use "Seriously" and "Really" as -En serio- when replying but -En serio- is 'Seriously' all the time.

    Source(s): Spanish taking in Brampton, Ontario.
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    Seriously In Spanish

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    There are many different ways to say really or seriously. Seriously is "En serio?"

    When you're expressing doubt you should say de verdad? or de veras?

    When expressing interest: Ah, si?

    In surprise or disbelief: No me digas!

    In assurance: de verdad?

  • You can use "En serio".

    ¿Es ese un gato?

    No, es un perro

    ¿En serio?

    En serio

    Or "De verdad"

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    1 decade ago

    i asked this last year my teacher said es "verdad" but she was kinda crazy so...

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    Verdad means Right, so that could work..

    Source(s): Two years of Spanish
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    really: de verdad

    seriously:seriamente,en serio

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