How do you fall asleep?

I usually stay up for 3-5 hours a night til I finally fall asleep. Any help?

If it helps, I have:

A regular pillow

A long pillow(I hug it to make me feel happy :3)

A Medium-weight blanket(for medium warmth but small)

A light-weight blanket(low warmth, use it for support; huge size)

Twin sized bed against the corner

Anyone who insults me, cheats to get points, and so on, WILL be reported.

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    I worked the night shift, 11 pm to 7 am for many years. And, believe me, it was horrible to get used to. But, I learned that I would literally have to FORCE myself to get into bed the same time every day, whether I felt tired or not. Hon, get off caffeine at least 5 or 6 hours before bed time. And, I'm not talking coffee. Colas send me over the roof at bed time. The next thing about trying to fall asleep during the day, was hearing all the noise of people who were, of course, up and about outside, inside, etc. I bought a floor fan and kept it running while I slept. The only thing is, I got so used to the soothing hum of that white noise, that I have been running a fan to fall asleep with for 29 years now!!!! Yes, every single night, (now it's night) But, even on days off....ALL the time I'm in bed, trying to sleep. The hubby likes to have the TV on to fall asleep. He sets the timer for like an hour. (I can't do that.) I want to hear what they're saying. But, it works for him. I'm just trying to give you some of our ideas that help. When a daughter had to live with us, she would get upset because she couldn't fall asleep at my house because of the crazy schedules. I bought her a fan, and she didn't like it at first. NOW, she would never try to fall asleep without one. I know, with living in the north and having to have heat on, some may feel it's a waste of money. But, unless you've never had a problem with falling asleep, it's worth every dime to me. We, of course don't have it blowing on us. We direct it away from the bed. But, try a fan running on medium and let the sound of the humming lull you to sleep. I wish you luck hon. I've been there. It's not funny. Not to mention, unhealthy to not get proper sleep. I hope I've helped you.

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    First of all - unless my room was 50 degrees - that's too much cover for me! You need a routine to get you in the mood to sleep - Stop playing mind-challenging video games, watching TV, turn the lights low - Take a Tylenol PM (OTC) - and I read a book in bed for 20-30 minutes - with a 40 watt bulb -which is dim -

    The lack of light signals melatonin in yoru brain to start shutting down - and you need to get your brain into "neutral" - not exciting mode.

    Good luck -

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    I had the same problem of sleep disorder during my college days. Those days were stressful, studies and then uncertainty about the future. I would suggest try to relax, read a book and try to divert your mind from things that might be troubling you.

    My favorite sleeping tactic was take a book and read it before going to bed. I am not talking about interesting murder mysteries but what I felt as boring history books. I slept like a baby after implementing some of these following tips:

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    Tips that never fail me:

    - Being tired helps. If you don't feel asleep at all, stay up and do something that will tired your brain (reading, internet, ...).

    - Usually, you have to have your mind at peace. Like thinking about nothing. But trying to think to nothing will not work. So, just think and reflect about what you have done during the day. After some time, you won't think anymore and fall asleep.

    - Having sex or masturbating.

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