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Does blowing balloons help you sing and breathe better?

I have never been in a chorus or anything, but I really want to learn how to sing. I have heard that blowing up balloons helps strengthen your stomach muscles and the ones that support your breathing.

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    While blowing up balloons strengthens those muscles, it also develops bad habits. Blowing up a balloon generally requires a constant stream of air that is forced out faster as time passes and the balloon becomes more and more stretched. However, singers normally try to control their air and use as little as possible. Try to develop good breathing habits first, before you try this exercise.

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    Not by itself. Regular exercise including swimming, healthy diet, good dental hygiene, and avoidance of smoking and smokeless tobacco are key components besides a strong desire to sing will contribute to a great singer, that is, if you can carry a tune. Side benefits are better general health and a longer life.

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