I am changing Verizon phones, I have about 400 pics on it and have a limited text plan..?

How can I move all the pictures to my new phone? I'm limited on a text plan, so cannot text or email them all.

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  • MRP
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    1 decade ago
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    If you have a memory card then you can transfer your pictures otherwise you are out of luck. Before you get your new phone you should buy a card. The verizon store cannot transfer pics or anything other then contacts. I had to switch phones and lost all my pics.

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  • kifer
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    4 years ago

    call Verizon and characteristic them upload infinite text fabric messaging. they might start up from once you signed up for the text fabric provider. you will basically could pay the version between what you have now and infinite text fabric, in all likelihood much less then $15.00, this could comprise what your over now.

  • 1 decade ago

    if you don't have a microSD card, check with a tech guy in your verizon store. they may be able to transfer all of your pictures on to your new phone for you for a fee. i know they used to offer to transfer your contacts over for $10, (not sure if they still do because i've always entered all of my contacts myself) so i would assume they'd be able to transfer pictures as well. it can't hurt to ask!

    edited to add: i had a chocolate 2 that had a problem and verizon gave me a refurbished one...i figured i was going to lose all of my pictures but they transferred them onto the refurbished phone for me along with all of my contacts. so it IS possible for them to transfer pictures...i'm just not sure if they can do it between two different models.

  • 1 decade ago

    well, if you have one the those SD memory cards like the ones in a digital camera then you can just load them on that and put it in your new phone if it has a space for it

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