Were the Greeks the first ones to create myths?

(Proof is preferred)

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I mostly mean, were the Greeks the first CULTURE / civilization to create myths?

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    No, though Greek myths are some of the best recorded, and most well-known, Many myths are older. As it goes, many of the myths of the Middle East, and especially Egypt are older. So you know, Most Greek myths are talking/written about a time from around 1000bce-0ce, while most Egyptian myths are during the 500bce-0ce time period.

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    Where the Greeks the first civilization on earth? No they weren't so they weren't the first to create myths. I mean cavemen probably had myths.

    By the way, just out of curiosity what kind of proof are you looking for? It's probably very difficult to PROVE anything from ancient history. Translations aren't always accurate, not everything was written. Before writing myths and such were told orally so unless they were eventually written down we may never know about them at all.

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    As far as what we would call "civilized culture", no the Greeks were not the first for myths, though theirs are some of most colorful and best recorded. During ancient times there were the Mesopotamian myths of Marduk and Nanna not to mention the tales of Nebuchadnezzar and Gilgamesh. There is a good synopsis of the Mesopotamian tales here...


  • The Greek historian Herodotus states that most of the Greek gods came from Egypt, some came from the Pelasgians, and Poseidon came from the Lybians.

    He also states that 400 years before his time, the Greek writers Hesiod and Homer gave the gods their Greek names.

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    The ancient Greeks believed that the Egyptians created culture, so no.

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    No, us people have been making mythes ever since we existed! We have always needed to know the answer to the question "why" and since no one could answer us, we made it up :D

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