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Anonymous asked in TravelLatin AmericaOther - Latin America · 1 decade ago

What is life like in Colombia?

For those of you have visited,lived, or know about Colombia...

I am thinking about moving to Latin America sometime in my life,and I would like to know your input on what you think of the country. Things I would like to know about are it's environment; people; culture; jobs;economy;languages and whatever else you want to tell.Also is it true that the crime rate is high there? I'm just asking since that's what I have been seeing while searching on Y.A...Overall,it seems like such such a nice place to live.

Thanks go out to all who answer this :).

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  • M W
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    1 decade ago
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    Colombia is so beautiful that it sickens me when I see ignorant people post comments like that other guy did above. I have been there 9 times so far. I have seen places and people touch my heart. An appropriate answer to your question to each point would be too lengthy.

    The type of Spanish they speak is Castilian Spanish, similar to the beautiful Spanish spoken in Spain. Many of the best reporters in Latin America hail from Colombia.

    Education is mandatory in Colombia. This is an extremely literate country.

    This is a diverse country. Language accents, food & clothing vary between regions.

    On the subject of jobs they need more. Their unemployment rate and underemployment rate is high and has been. I do not recommend that foreigners go down there to compete for the limited jobs they have. Rather I suggest teaching English or come with your craft and employ some of them. (That is if you wish for more than a mere visit)

    The economy is stable. They do not use and abuse credit. Thus they have been less effected by this economic disaster we created through complacency, greed, dishonesty and selfishness.

    Generally speaking it is far better to plan on living and remaining in the larger cities for safety reasons. Their current issues with Guerrillas and paramilitary wanna-be's are similar to the US problems with organized crime in the early 20th century. This will some day pass. So taking a bus from one city to another is a stupid idea for an American or Canadian or a Brit, etc. (So far)

    So far as drugs go, they are practically unheard of by the common population so far as abuse. Only gringos appear to be stupid enough to let drugs invade into our lives. In other words they are amoung the providers. They are not users. I have only gotten offered a joint twice and never anything else.

    The family values and religious beliefs are things I envy down there.

    Ignore the ignorant for they know not what they profess to. At least the dummy above spelled Colombia correctly.

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  • buncie
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    4 years ago

    Life In Colombia

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  • 5 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    What is life like in Colombia?

    For those of you have visited,lived, or know about Colombia...

    I am thinking about moving to Latin America sometime in my life,and I would like to know your input on what you think of the country. Things I would like to know about are it's environment; people; culture; jobs;economy;languages...

    Source(s): life colombia:
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've heard its beautiful and amazing in colombia. I've been thinking about moving to Latin America myself, and have traveled a fair bit of it. But I won't see Colombia until the end of the year. But everyone I talk to says its amazing, even more beautiful then Brazil. But its all personal opinion. You will have to go see for yourself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well every one speak from the party depends how you did on that.

    For talk about Colombia you need be a Colombian to speak with the true or had Visit Colombia many times to see they life's,culture,food and life styles.

    Colombia basic is subdivide in 5 main regions and each one have they our culture and food styles, like if you live in FL, versus live on TN and those are the follow:

    North coast:

    very happy people,excellent food more like the Caribbean test and little lazy people , by ethnic they are black skin but with the latino physiognomy,central,are more white people and mixed with the latino physiognomy,hard workers,must highly educated and high level of family traditions,

    South region is mix north south is more white and latino , south side is more indian direct descent and in to many areas still living by they traditions.

    pacific area is boarding the pacific ocean is Black people with very pretty face physiognomy and hard workers.

    General speaking Colombian people are hard workers,family oriented,and cultured country,education is mandatory and free in middle school, but because the system also to many people abort the school .

    Economy:is a strong country in agriculture,and cattle's with a medial level of dairy,Colombia is reach in fruits, veggies,and petroleum but this one is not highly refined in colombia due the infrastructure is very poor refinery wise.

    Colombia unemployment level is about 8-10% maybe, people live in social class poor ,medium high,and between.

    Drugs: despite what every one thing Colombian values,moral and principles are highly teach in home so drugs including marijuana is not accepted at home, but you can found it in some places normally in very low class like crack,glues and cocaine residues around homeless,prostitution or in a reach class who can afford.

    Marijuana is not part of the social life in high school and college different of what happened in USA.

    Tourism: is many beautifully places to visit see those in you tube videos.

    Violence: as normal in big city's the levels are high like new york, LA, and others, but I thing you found what you look for.

    far is violence and terrorism , the guerrillas in colombia is been exterminated slowly but is getting in there,no recommend to travel by bus Between cities if you are US,UK or other since people thing because you come from those places make you rich automatic, but you can fly and enjoy the country too.

    cost of leaving depends where you live but in general you leave Between $250 for family in low class 500-700 medium class and from there high class , and level of life increase too.

    Work : is not EASY found a classified job (lab tech, nurse, etc) but you get those more easy then get here in USA far is requirements.

    high education give you the better chances,if you are multilingual increase more

    Source(s): proud of be Colombian, USA resident
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  • 1 decade ago

    From things i've heard about, all was negative. Lots of violence, killings, drugs(cocaine esp.). I don't really know if the whole country is like that, probably not. I've never been there before, but frm what i have heard on the news and frm other ppl, it's not much of a great country for tourism, if u catch my rift. I'm sure there are safe and beautiful places in Colombia, though. I have some Colombian in me, but for the most part i'm Panamanian. My paternal grandfather was Colombian, but he immigrated to Panama a long time, both my parents were born and raised in Panama(My mom is full Panamanian), so all we identify with is Panamanian culture, i consider myself Panamanian. I was born and raised in the US though.

    Source(s): Heard you wanted to live in Panama? why? I LOVE Panama, it is such a great place to live, i'm sure better than Colombia, but that's just me.
    • GreenSoul6 years agoReport

      Someones who has never been, posts a question because he/she wants more info than what he/she has seen on TV and then than Lola De Leon takes the time to offer an answer from the point of view of someone else who has never been. Really?

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