One minute I'm fine, the next I feel depressed?

I'm 17 , I have a lot of panic attacks or my chest always hurts throughout the day. The doctor knows this. but i'm going back to hospital to make sure it not the heart. One minute I feel fine and like Happy normally with friends. Then for a few hours I normally fill depressed like just think about dieing and hate my life. I sometimes cry I cryed today and yesterday night. The ceiling is always blurry like moving and see dots and stuff. My mind kinda talks to it sef ( Not out loud (mostly) but it like a 2 way convoy with Jake who tells me I'm a loser etc Most of the time i feel depressed or I'm normal but throughout the day I see the dots and if left alone my mind constantly talks to me. Only time I don't see things is when I'm with friends. I'm male btw. I don't think im suicidal or anything as I don't have the guts to go through with it. I'm kinda paranoid if people look at me or in situations like its a new year in college and now I don't see my best friend as we have different time zones and I'm worried that he will have a new best friend. Iv been depressed for like 3 months now.


On the 2 way convo thing I only control half the convo.

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    Hopefully you'll get to the Dr. soon to eliminate any heart problems, could be anxiety attacks, Your Dr. will know, try some stress relievers meanwhile, reading, taking peaceful walks, that sort of thing.

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    It sounds like you could have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). One of the key traits to this illness is, unlike Bipolar disorder, your mood swings can change in hours or minutes, instead of weeks.

    You have a few of the other symptoms as well, to keep this from getting long, I'll just add a link and let you look read through it yourself.

    Keep in mind, you can't get a proper diagnoses online. Also, most of these symptoms are vague and run into a few other psychiatric disorders, (or could just be a result of being a teenager) so it's hard to tell without a professional opinion.

    Either way, if these symptoms are causing you a lot of distress it's best to talk to someone about it.

    Good Luck!

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