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how do you send a copy of a letter to someone on word 2007 for mac?

Does anyone know?

And I have to add a envelope to my document too!


I have to do this for an assignment so I have to know how to do it!

Update 2:

It says:

-Send a copy of the letter to a Olivia Cavenaugh.

-Center the letter vertically on the page.

-Add an envelope to the document.

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    Word 2003 and 2007 is for PC

    Word 2004 and 2008 is for Mac

    I'm guessing your assignment is to create something in Word 2007 and save it (to email) to someone who might still be using the old Mac version (2004). If I'm reading your question wrong, maybe you could clarify it more? But if that sounds right...

    The trick is to Save As... the old .doc version instead of the new .docx version. You'll find that under the "Save as Type" line of the Save As... dialog box. You want Word 97-2003.

    Now, to add an envelope to your document, go to the Mailings tab (in 2007) and click the envelope button (it's the 1st button). Click the "Add to Document" button and you're done.


    It says:

    -Send a copy of the letter to a Olivia Cavenaugh.

    Honestly, it might be as simple as typing:

    cc: Olivia Cavenaugh

    at the bottom of the letter. That's what we used to do on a typewriter.

    -Center the letter vertically on the page.

    Centering vertically is part of the Page Setup dialog box. If you're using 2003, it's under File Page Setup, Layout Tab.. The default is "top". Change it to center. If you're using 2007, go to Page Layout Tab, and click the little square next to Page Layout (at the bottom of the ribbon).

  • Sure thing.

    The Word 2008 for Mac can read it. Just email it as usually.

    Good luck!

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