Is the PS3 Slim better?

Im looking to buy a ps3 this week and i had a few questions...

1) Is the PS3 slim as durable as the standard PS3?

2) Does the PS3 slim have heat problems like the slim PS2 did?

3) Does the PS3 slim have all of the same capabilities as the newest model of the thick PS3 does

All feedback is greatly appreciated =)

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    1) Reliability-wise, I think its the standard PS3 that wins. Sony has already improved, if not perfected, that model with the re-releases of newer "fat" models before they went out with the slim. The CECHK and CECHL standard models of 80GB and 160GB are particularly more reliable than the launch 20GB and 60GB models. On the other hand, the PS3 slim is relatively unproven.

    2) The PS3 slim will not have heat problems like the PS2 slim but it may have the same rare heat problems like the PS3 standard. The slim uses a cooler and more efficient 45nm process but this is negated by the console's smaller size and a smaller heat sink. It's just a smaller PS3 and proportionally generates the same amount of heat as the standard.

    3) The PS3 slim is a watered down version of the standard. It does not have the "futuristic" appeal. No touch sensitive buttons. Doesn't have the capability to install Linux. To all the other people saying the slim is better because it has a bigger hard drive, this is irrelevant considering you can always upgrade your PS3's hard drive no matter which model you have. Essentially, the slim has the same capabilities as the standard.

    IMHO, I would get the standard while there's still remaining stock. It's tried and tested. If you're adamant on getting the slim, wait for 6 months as launch-related hardware issues may prop up in the near future. It's better to be on the safe side of things.

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  • 1-There both the same. The slim is eco friendly. Thats like the only thing the PS3S beats on the PS3F.

    #2-No like I said it is 34% more cooler than the PS3F. Doesn't really matter because PS3F had no problems with this.

    #3-Nope other then more memory.

    Here is the simple answer: Only beats 2 things than the PS3F.

    Less hot and more memory. PS3S doesn't even play PS2 games!!!

  • Anonymous
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    This how the compare PS3 SLIM vs. standard PS3


    - Smaller

    - More energy efficient

    - More quiet operation

    - Cooler

    - Smaller Cell processor manufactured using a 45-nanometer manufacturing process

    - New, more advanced HDMI 1.3 chipset

    - Easier HDD upgrade


    - No Linux support

    - No on-off switch in the back

    - Push rather than touch 'On' and 'Eject' buttons

    Personally I think new PS3 slim is better.No heat problem and as durable as the standard PS3.For more reviews from user try this

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    1) Depends on how you mean durable.. like durable enough to survive a 1-3ft fall? Most likely

    Out of a window? not so much, but the original can't do that either

    2) Heat shouldn't be a problem as long as you keep it in a well-ventilated area

    3) It has the biggest hard drive yet (120gb) and everything except PS2 compatibility as only the 60/80 have that and they've been


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  • Marc G
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    1 decade ago

    1. yep

    2. all ps3s heat up 4 the 1st few weeks but nothing major

    3. yep all the same except u cant install linux, u can still play ps1 games on it but not ps2 games and you can still watch blu ray movies

    i wud def recommend buying a ps3 slim if u r new to the console

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    ps3 slim is better because um it is slim and because it has a little bit more updates then the ps3

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    None documented so far.

    You can no longer install Linux on it, but other then that ,yes/

  • Anonymous
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    i dont like how it looks like but its kinda better

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