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what is rosh hashannah?

in simple format ... PLZ

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    Actually, I am going to correct the other answers here. Rosh HaShana is NOT the Jewish new year! Nope, in fact Rosh Hashanah is in the 7th month fo the year. The actual Jewish New Year is on the 1st of Nissan, the month in which G-d freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt

    What is Rosh Hashanah? It is the date of the creation of the world and thus the date the calendar changes to a new year. Thus it is the new year of the world on the Jewish calendar. Since it is the "birthday" of the world, it is the date on which G-d judges the world and its inhabitants and decrees what will happen in the coming year. For this reason, though it is a happy day, it is a solemn one as well since G-d is sitting in judgement on the world and us. The decree is not sealed yet. We still have time for further reflection and repentance until Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement ) when the decree for the next year is sealed.

    edit: Steven the first Mishnah in masechta Rosh Hashana lists four days considered to be a form of Rosh Hashanah:

    1) 1 Nissan- the national new Year, the date at which we count the number of years of a King's reign and the number of years relevant to a civil contract, the date from which holidays are counted

    2) 1 Tishrei- the date on which the year changes, the date on which the world (and us) are judged, the date used for the shmittah and yovel year

    3) 1 Elul- the date for the tithing of flocks

    4) 15 Shvat (Hillel) or 1 Shvat (Beis Shammai)- as we usually do we go according to Hillel. The New year for nature, used for calculating the age of fruit trees (and some debate whether this is the date for the forbiudding of produce in the shmittah year.

    Looking at those- the two relevant to this discussion are 1 Nissan and 1 Tishrei. Now 1 Tishrei is a generic new year- the entire world, all the people, are judged. It is not specific to Jews but is a general day on which the entire world is affected. The date which is relevant to Jews only, and governs the cycle of the Jewish year (including the placement of Tishrei as the seventh month) is 1 Nissan. As opposed to 1 Tishrei, 1 Nissan is purely Jewish, governs Judaism religiously, politically through the counting of the years oft he reigning king and fiscally through its usage in civil contracts.

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    Rosh Hashana literally means - The head of the year. more simpler, the Jewish new year.

    The first day of Rosh Hashonoh is the anniversary of the day that Adam and Eve were created. On that day, they also sinned by eating fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. And on that day, G-d judged them.

    And now, each year on this day, all people in the world are judged. The decision is made concerning what sort of year each of us will have, based not only on our deeds, but also on our intentions, and on our resolve to do better and on our repentance.

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    Rosh HaShana is the Jewish New Year, but it is also much more than that. It is the day when God judges all of mankind.

    See for more.


    @Allon-Yoav: For the first time, I believe that you are wrong. The Mishna states that the first of Tishrei is the New Year for years. The words "ראש השנה" means "The beginning of the year." Our calenders reset on that day. While the first of Nissan may be the Biblical New Year, for all intents and purposes, Rosh HaShana is the *Jewish* New Year.

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    The Jewish New Year.

    It is followed by Yom Kippur...The Day of Atonement.

    Source(s): My paternal Jewish side.
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    Very simple:

    New Year.

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    "The head of the Year" Or, simply The new year for the jews.

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    the Jewish new year

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    the jewish new year

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