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Where and when did the earliest direct contact between europeans and americans probably occur?

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    Contact of any fairly large scale would have to be the Vikings in Newfoundland around 1000 AD.

    There is a hand axe, discovered in West Virginia, and dated to 14000 years ago. It is the same as what was being made in Europe at the same time. There is also some DNA evidence, in the Ojibwa tribe, of Celtic influence.

    The hypothesis is that a small band of Celts made it across the North Atlantic ice sheet.

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    The earliest documented contact was in Newfoundland. About 1000 CE people from the Greenland colonies settled for a brief time. The Greenland Sagas tell of several voyages and colonization attempts. Eventually the Greenlanders left and didn't return.

    There are claims for: Phoenicians, Romans, Irish, Welsh, Chinese, English and others as having traveled to the Americas. None of these claims have documentation that meets that of the Greenlanders.

    South Carolina has a hand axe made from French flint. It's very similar to what Neanderthals made. It's been established that river gravels were used as ballast in Europe and off loaded in the Americas.That's the way the hand axe made it over the Atlantic.

    There are authentic Roman and Viking artifacts that have been found. However, none come from well documented digs and some have been established as having been salted into excavations.My favorite viking "axe" is from a 19th century tobacco cutter. They show up on a regular basis.

    The Solutrians occupied Spain some 15,000 or so years ago. Their lithic technology was similar to Clovis and it's then theorized that they crossed the Atlantic by following the pack ice. While that would explain the "X" factor in Native American DNA, it isn't backed up by the evidence.

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    what do you mean as americans. Europeans who chose freedom from the kings empires .Struck out to the shores of the new world.America was formed and recognized after our government.created the thirteen colonies.Unless you are talking about the american indians. which is a totally different thing. plus the spanish named this country.Which were the first europeans to visit these shores in there search for riches. So if you want to get technical. probly around 1500.when the spanish discovery the indian tribes. in the florida keys.An you do know that Colombus never stepped on the shores of this country.

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    There's a theory that when the Moors invaded Spain that 7 Bishops came over in 1150, establishing Cibola or the Seven Cities of Gold. but that is just theory in Fact i would believe that it was New Foundland.

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    New Foundland.

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