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Does this help to explain how science works and though not in the bible, the theory of evolution is real?

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hoping going about it this way helps :D


Since it is made for kids to understand it shouldn't be too complicated for the people here....

Update 2:

Like I said, even though not in he bible, evolution is real... Not saying anything for or against god :D

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    I love that song so much. I was wondering when it was first going to show up here. You get a high-five from me. :D

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    Evolution is real for those that have the faith to believe in it..

    One only needs to start asking evolution questions on here to find out that there is a great division between what evolutionists believe. There is not just one theory that they all believe.

    The theory of evolution is man's best guess as to how the world came into being today without any God or higher power creating .

    You start with the big bang & nobody knows what went bang or where it came from.

    Then you end up with some micro organism forming itself because all the right elements were in one place and then all of creation from animals to plants comes out of that.

    It takes too much faith for me to believe that story even if you add in billions of years. Everything happened by chance. What a joke.

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    I think that's kind of counterproductive. When I learnt about science in school we discussed theory then did experiments to test those theories after making a hypothesis, doing that is the best way to learn the application and relevance of science.

    I don't think appeals to emotion should be needed or used to justify the scientific method to people.

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    well of course evolution is real. pretending it isn't is like pretending there's no such thing as gravity. you can pretend all you like, but you're still going to fall if you jump off the roof.

    however i dont think that this in any way disproved the existence of god. it just proves that the bible is not literal fact.

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    Even if evolution is true this doesn't in anyway disprove God.

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