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Have there been any incidents like Roswell reported believed to be government cover ups?

I know some people who believe 9-11 was a cover up

please provide something like the a readable source

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    If it was big, if it was important, there's a sure conspiracy theory about it out there somewhere. Even when the event was small and insignificant, they pop up like toadstools

    Some of the other more famous ones

    Pearl Harbor - was allowed to happen by the Roosevelt administration

    John Kennedy Assassination - take your pick - there's a million of them

    Robert Kennedy Assassination - ditto

    Martin Luther King Assassination - ditto again

    The Gulf of Tonkin Incident

    The Appollo Moon landings

    Area 51


    Just look for a big pile of tinfoil. You'll find a conspiracy theory underneath

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    I watched a 60 Minutes show on the government testing LSD on unsuspecting soldiers a couple of years ago. I don't put anything past them.

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